About Us


There are approximately 6 major hill tribes living in Thailand, most of which continue the tradition of hand-weaving their fabrics for clothing and household needs. It is becoming more difficult for these skilled artisans to make a livable income from their products. Competition from mass production and the inability to learn new and current techniques have made it more difficult to reach an audience outside of their villages.

JENS Collection understands the importance of work and steady incomes for these communities. We do not work with organizations or NGO’s. Instead we work closely with the individual weavers that supply our fabrics and help them to set up their own businesses. By providing micro financing and other resources we help them set up sustainable success that will surpass the needs of JENS Collection. This ensures a long term solution and a livelihood for years to come. 

We are very proud and excited to showcase their work. Many hours and even days have gone into the making of our products. We hope that you love them too and add a piece of JENS Collection to your home!