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Natural Dye


JENS Collection works with traditional weavers and artisans in the mountains of Northern Thailand to create modern and beautiful handwoven decor for your home. 

Velvet by JENS

Boho Collection

We are in love with our fun, soft, and colorful Boho Pillows!! Each style is very limited in quantity. 

Magnolia Interiors Tampa, Florida

The artisans that create this amazing fabric belong to a co-op of 150 weavers. They each create their own designs and color choices which means finding the same design twice would be very difficult! 

Mecox Houston, Texas

Quantities are very limited per style but we have dozens of beautiful styles and sizes to choose from. Contact us and we'll send you our current Collection.

Treehouse Gallery St. Pete, Florida

Natural Dye Collection

Colored by Nature

The natural materials are harvested from neighboring jungles and mixed and boiled on an open fire to create a colorful stew of natural goodness. 

The cotton yarn is then soaked in the liquid until the desired color is reached.  This entire process can take up to 3 days or more. 

Turmeric, avocado, mango tree bark, tamarind, guava, rosella flower, and teak wood shoots are just a few of the ingredients used in making these amazing fabrics.

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